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What is that?

We build Common Sense Intelligence.

Common sense is predominantly unconscious. It is the sum total of every active learning experience we have ever had. We each have a CSQ™ box filled with this knowledge and these experiences. A box rare and unique, solely of us for us. Every decision we make or problem we solve is using this box. When people ask us ‘why’ we acted in a particular way – for most of us we simply say – it’s just common sense.

When an ice hockey player strikes a puck angling the blade in a certain way – it’s just common sense. When a football player strikes a ball in a specific way to create a particular spin and trajectory – it’s just common sense. When a safety officer acts quickly and assertively under pressure – it’s just common sense. Not to us….but to them, according to their CSQ™ box, it is.

The unconscious ‘common sense’ is where we operate within our brain when we are under pressure, stress, tired, unwell or simply ‘busy’ thinking about many things such as an elite athlete, busy staff member, exam pressured student or growing teen. To perform well we must actively, concisously, manage our CSQ™ box to free up our limited concious mind to focus on the next important thing.

How do you build Common Sense?

We uncover the unconscious hidden in the box and using special types of repetition put the behaviours you require back into your CSQ™ box. Whether it be creating visual manuals to replace text, enabling compliance officers to act quickly and effectively, through to using film and specially designed training to assist an athlete, Build CSQ™ builds the ‘common sense’ necessary to succeed when the concious is ‘busy’ and the unconscious rules your actions and decision-making.logo_blackThink of a behaviour that should be ‘just common sense’ in your world…

Using the latest in learning science and immersive technology, Build CSQ™ create active learning experiences – repetition – to embed this behaviour using:

  • The CSQ 25™: LOOK widely and deeply at the behaviour you think is ‘common sense’. Across time and space, we help you fill out 25 boxes (5 x 5) that lead to and follow this behaviour. The CSQ 25™ is a fabulous tool that creates an agreed boundary around the problem or behaviour that is wide and deep so that we can make concious all the elements we must include in our repetition.
  • CSQ™: SEE the behaviour as an ice-berg. The concious thoughts and actions being above the line, and unconscious ‘common sense’ below the line. Through technology we are able to slow down and review behaviours to make concious the unconscious so that we can better analyse the knowledge we need to alter.
  • ACT – Deep Learning: To maximise the value of repetition, Build CSQ™ help you create learning experiences that are sticky, reaching out to the deepest levels of each persons unique brain.
  • ACT – Dark Learning: Build CSQ™ help you create learning experiences that repeat even when you leave the workplace, sports ground, classroom or home.
  • ACT – Parkour Learning: To truly perform we must be able to efficiently apply our ‘common sense’ to other situations previously thought unrelated. Using all the apparatus available to us in our brain, Build CSQ™ help you create learning experiences that find the quickest path across your brain to perform.
  • REVIEW and REFLECT – Data: How do we know when the ‘common sense’ we wish exists? Build CSQ™ helps you create data capture systems that record the changing behaviours and observe the development of the knowledge you desire your staff, athletes, students, or loved ones to have. Through immersive technology we can measure the change and alter the learning experiences accordingly.

I wish it was just ‘common sense’ for my corporate team to…

I wish it was just ‘common sense’ for my players to…

I wish it was just ‘common sense’ for my students to…

I wish it was just ‘common sense’ for my child to…

You ask the questions…
We provide the solutions that work quickly and stick.

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