Perform under pressure with CSQ™.

CSQ™ students are able to transfer their skills under pressure to any problem. CSQ™ not only enables students to perform within the traditional testing, exam environment, CSQ™ boosts transfer to the workplace…

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Look – The CSQ 25™

Look wider and deeper across time and space with your students to discover individually and collaboratively how a problem may be solved or how a concept is developed and applied.

Place a large 25™ on the wall and allow students to solve a seemingly complex problem on their own, filling one or more of the 5×5 boxes.

Identify elements to a concept or problem you previously had not thought were part of the CSQ™ building process.

See – My CSQ Box

Uncover the unconscious elements to each box. See the skill or problem as an ice-berg with the obvious facts above the water line and the unconscious elements to the concept or decision-making below the line. SEE the problem or concept in a whole new way – the CSQ™ way.

Act – Deep…Dark…Parkour Learning

After breaking humpty dumpty apart into The CSQ 25™ and seeing ALL of the problem or concept, rebuild the CSQ™ by creating learning experiences that stick using CSQ Deep Learning™ principles. Activate the widest areas of the neural network using CSQ Parkour Learning™ principles and keep the learning going after they leave your classroom using CSQ Dark Learning™ principles.

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Benjamin Franklin

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