To perform at the elite level you must have the required CSQ.

Elite athletes have one thing in common. They work almost entirely unconsciously. Ask an elite athlete ‘how do you do that?’ and they do not know…

It’s just common sense.

Every sport, every position, every level of an athlete has a required CSQ or skill set that should be almost entirely unconscious if they are to perform at the top level where time and space is limited and pressure rising.

Build CSQ™ helps athletes uncover their CSQ box, the knowledge they have unconsciously stored through their experiences of success and failure. Through film and data performance capture, we are able to break down and make conscious an athletes decision making process. Then through deep learning, dark learning and parkour learning principles we can build the CSQ required to consistently succeed at an elite level when the pressure is greatest.


The CSQ 25™ can help identify the CSQ necessary to transition successfully from foundation to the elite level…to develop the Thinking Player

Many studies have been completed to identify what makes an athlete elite in your chosen sport. Each story is slightly different however, to the naked eye the results are the same. Under the greatest pressure, with a changing game and environment, they perform at the elite level. What seems impossible…they make appear effortless.

This is because their CSQ™ is so high that the limited conscious element of their brain is fully free to process the latest ‘curve-ball’ being thrown their way. What most athletes must concentrate on, they do not have any recollection of even thinking about it, they just ‘did it’. This is CSQ™ in action and Build CSQ™ can help build this unconscious knowledge.

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“Across all sports, the thinking player is THE strategic weapon. Can you easily describe how you are developing this in your sport? We can.”

LJBH – Build CSQ™


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