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  • The CSQ 25™

LOOK at how CSQ™ is created within your company, sport, classroom or life? Complete a 5×5 set of boxes that tracks the development of a particular CSQ™ you would like to develop, across time and space. Look wider and deeper than ever before to solve your problem or learn a new skill that you want to be ‘just common sense’.

  • My CSQ™ Box

SEE your own CSQ™ Box in all its glory. Reflect on your own experiences that have created your own special CSQ™ box. What does it look like? What is in it? What do you want to change inside it? What do you need added to it to succeed? Through data we can make visible the invisible, shine the black light, to view the unconcious and build the common sense intelligence you need as a team member, athlete, student or member of the global community.

  • Deep Learning

ACT by creating repetitive learning experiences that stick in your brain deeply and quickly at multiple levels.

  • Dark Learning

ACT by creating learning experiences that continue after your training session or classroom activities are over. Your brain does not stop learning provided it has the right triggers so maximise the CSQ™ development by designing dark learning experiences with Build CSQ™.

  • Parkour Learning

ACT by creating repetition that navigates as much of the brain as possible. Through authentic experiences we can help the Brain use every tool available inside the neural network to create the most efficient pathway to success in a wide variety of situations.

Business, sports, life is constantly changing. We can no longer rote-learn every scenario when digital options are far more efficient. We must embrace the unexpected and parkour learning enables us to perform at an elite level under the most unexpected of situations efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today to discuss how you can maximise your deep, dark or parkour learning to build the CSQ you need to succeed.

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